The Hottest Coffee Trends

The Hottest Coffee Trends

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Consumer trends for coffee in 2021 are largely the same as those in 2020. The fact that Covid put several things on hold last year is not surprising. In keeping with world events, however, these trends have evolved during the lockdown.

Would you like to stay on top of what’s new in the coffee world? You’ll want to check out this list of the top five coffee industry trends for 2021.

1. Ready-To-Drink Coffee Trends

A ready-to-drink coffee (RTD) is one that is found in a grocery store in the form of canned or bottled coffee. The introduction of Starbucks bottled Frappuccino’s several years ago may have been the catalyst for this trend and It has gained popularity ever since. Now you can find RTD brews in small local coffee shops as well as multinational corporations.

There are now many options for RTD cold brews, mochas, iced lattes, nitro cold brews, and other beverages in most grocery stores. You can enjoy your favorite beverages without having to purchase a latte machine or a professional espresso machine.

Ready to Drink Coffee Trends

2. Coffees With Healthy Additives

Coffee Trends with healthy Additives

Trends in the health industry are just as important as in the coffee industry, so it makes sense to merge them. Consumers will soon be able to choose from a wide range of coffee options for each new health product or diet that catches their attention.

Health-boosted coffee alternatives, such as mushroom coffee, turmeric, and matcha lattes, have recently become popular as coffee additives, such as collagen creamers and alternative milk. They claim to boost your immune system, improve your gut health, and/or increase your metabolism.

3. Snapchilled Coffee Trends

Over the last decade, iced coffee and cold brew coffee have grown in popularity, possibly due to global warming. Snap chilled coffee, also known as Flash Brew, allows coffee to be chilled quickly after it is brewed. The coffee is extracted with hot water instead of ice, so it has a higher flavor than cold brew coffee. The coffee is so fresh because it is extracted with hot water rather than ice, so there is no need for dilution.

Snapchilled Coffee Trends

4. Instant Coffee Trends

There used to be a choice between convenience and quality when it came to coffee. Is instant coffee your thing? You can expect it to taste stale and bitter. That’s no longer the case! Today, there are many companies using the best coffee beans in the world to make flavorful instant coffee.

The invention of instant coffee is another achievement that belongs to Starbucks.

The Dalgona Coffee Trends

A big trend in instant coffee in 2020 was Dalgona coffee, which creates a thick coffee foam by whipping instant coffee with sugar and water.

In 2021, Dalgona remains popular, but more complex recipes are emerging with the development of better instant coffee. Seasonal Dalgona coffees such as pumpkin spice and peppermint are also available, as well as Dalgona dirty chai and Dalgona affogatos.

5. Sustainable Coffee

The millennial coffee drinker is well-informed and concerned about environmental and social issues. Their curiosity is about where their coffee comes from, how it is grown, and who grows it. As a result, sustainable coffee brands are becoming more popular.

Fair Trade and Organic certifications are valuable, but consumers desire more context than these seals can provide. Consequently, more companies are establishing direct long-term relationships with growers, which yields social, economic, and environmental benefits that can be passed on to customers.

The Verdict

Coffee trends come and go, even if overarching themes such as good health and sustainability are not going anywhere. You might as well try a trendy mint-chip Dalgona coffee or mushroom brew before the year ends!


Is It True That Coffee Is Becoming More Popular?

Yes, Coffee is becoming increasingly popular in general. A few segments in the market, however, are growing more rapidly. In the past few years, ready-to-drink coffee beverages have rapidly overtaken specialty coffee.

Which Generation Drinks the Most Coffee?

The Millennials are currently the largest consumers of coffee. This generation accounts for 44% of the U.S. market for coffee.

What Are Some Trendy International Coffees?

Coffees from Turkey and Vietnam are very popular and on demand this year. Despite the fact that they are made differently, they are both rich in flavor with heavy texture, and are traditionally served with loads of sugar.

What is Vietnamese Coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is coffee comes from Vietnamese grown coffee beans. The Robusta bean is the most recognizable feature of Vietnamese coffee. Vietnam is the second-largest producer of coffee, following only Brazil and the largest producer of Robusta Coffee.

What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is a type of brewed coffee. In Turkey, it is known as kahve or Türk kahvesi.

Coffee beans are ground finely, and water is mixed with them inside a cezve (ibrik). The coffee is boiled and then cooled over a gas flame three times to make a foam. This unfiltered liquid is then poured into a demitasse cup and consumed and enjoyed.