By providing 100 percent financing, leasing relieves the strain on working capital. This means you have more money to invest in revenue-generating activities. It reduces a large cash sale price to a low, manageable, tax-deductible monthly payment.

A lease is an agreement by you (the lessee) to pay a monthly payment for a specific amount of time to the leasing company (lender) for the equipment.


$1 Lease: Capital Lease

  • Ownership: Ownership is only transferred to the customer (lessee) at the end of the original term (ex: 60 months) with a $1 Buyout purchase option.
  • IRS Tax Benefits: Qualifies for Section 179 benefits (depreciation only), the lease payment is not a tax write-off.
  • Taxes: Lender is the collector of all taxes for property, sales and all other applicable taxes billed to lessee in contract or invoiced.


EFA: Loan Product

  • Ownership: Customer owns the equipment day-one. Lender has security interest in the equipment until the contract is paid off.
  • IRS Tax Benefit: Qualifies for Section 179 benefits (depreciation).
  • Down Payment Option: Allows customers the option to put a larger amount of money down, reducing the amount financed.
  • Taxes: Lender is not the collector of all taxes for property, sales and other applicable taxes.

All types of businesses can benefit from equipment leasing. Whether the company is new or established, financially strong or struggling. Leasing allows you to get the equipment you need when you need it, without almost no down payment that banks typically require, and often with more lenient credit requirements.

We can arrange equipment leases for any type of equipment as long as it is used for commercial purposes. We currently, specialize in providing equipment lease for commercial coffee roasters and espresso machines.

We can offer leases to all types of businesses. We specialize in leasing equipment to any established businesses with at least 3 years or more of time in business. We also have programs for a start-up business owned by existing business owner.

Lease terms are 24,36, 48, and 60 months and is provided on a case-by-case basis. Purchase options include EFA loan and $1 Buyout.

– A lease is a contract wherein the borrower agrees to rent any asset owned by the other company in exchange of a rent for a specific period of time.

– A loan is simply a debt given or taken by the borrower in exchange of repayment of the principal amount plus interest.

It is determined by a variety of factors on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact our sales team.

As a result, you will not have to make a large upfront investment. We offer you funds to purchase coffee shop equipment, and you repay us with monthly installments over an agreed-upon term.

  • Ideal for starting, growing, and established companies
  • Your business can access the equipment it needs immediately
  • Give Freedom to use your budget